International Association (IA) "Intercable" was created in order to render it's members assistance in technical and commercial activities. Now the Association units 56 firms - producers of cables, wires, cable machinery and cable materials from 20 countries from Europe, Middle East and Asia. Trading firms working in the field of Cable Industry are also Intercable members.

IA "Intercable" has office in Moscow sh. Entuziastov, 5.

IA "Intercable" renders it's members assistance in the following fields:

organization and realization of scientific-research and commercial cooperation;

search of potential partners among the enterprises and firms of the Association, as well as among the firms not Associations members in order to establish direct contacts between them;

participation in International exhibitions, fairs and technical symposiums.

Financing of IA "Intercable" is carrying out to the charge of the annual membership fees. Full members pay the full membership fee. And members, supporting the activity of the Association pay half of the membership fee. Each full member participates in IA "Intercable" general meeting with the right of one vote. Each supporting member has deliberate vote. The amount of the annual membership fee determines at the general meeting of IA "Intercable" members. The membership fee for the year 2018 was determined in the amount of 3000 €.

For entering into IA "Intercable" it is necessary to send the application in free form to the name of Intercable President or Vice-President. The acceptance of new member is carried out at the general meeting of IA "Intercable" members by voting of full members on the base of application and recommendation from one of the Intercable member. The membership in the Association comes into force from the date of payment of the membership fee. Companies entering the International Association "Intercable" shall pay an entrance fee amounting to an annual membership fee.

A general meeting of IA "Intercable" members is the Associations' supreme body, summoned two times a year. Decisions of the general meeting shall be taken by simple majority of votes, except the decisions on approval of the Associations' Constitution, amendments and additions to it, as well as decisions regarding cessation of IA "Intercable" activity. Such decisions shall be taken if not less then 2/3 of Association members present at the general meeting vote for them.

The IA "Intercable" Board is a supreme body of the Association during the period between the general meetings. The Board shall consist of 7 members. The IA "Intercable" President and two Vice Presidents are members of the Associations' Board.

In the periods between general meetings the President and two Vice-Presidents shall direct the activity of the Association.

Executive Director is the executive body of the Association The Executive Director shall be appointed by the General Meeting of IA "Intercable".

In the frames of IA "Intercable" general meetings the Association organizes Technical Symposiums on actual problems of Cable Industry. All Intercable members and firm - not Intercable members can participate in these symposiums with their presentations. IA "Intercable" publishes the materials of the symposiums in scientific-research magazines, mainly issuing in CIS countries.

How to enter the IA "INTERCABLE"

An organization ready to enter the IA "Intercable" shall send an application addressed to the President of the Association (in a free form). The application shall contain information about the company activities, annual turnover, number of employees, etc. Furthermore, a written recommendation from one of the IA "Intercable" members or a recommendation from the IA "Intercable" Board is required for entrance.

The application is considered at the nearest Board Meeting of the IA "Intercable". Having reviewed applicant's activities the Board gives a recommendation to the members to accept (or to decline) the application. Acceptance into the Association is made at the General Meeting of the Association by voting (by majority vote).

If before entering the IA "Intercable" a company wants to get more familiar with the work of this organization, there is a possibility to come to the General Meeting of the IA "Intercable" and, consequently, to the scientific and technical symposium held in the frames of the General Meeting as a guest. An interesting company can be invited to the General Meeting only by the President of the IA "Intercable" and only once (this rule does not apply to the specialists invited to technical symposia as speakers). Next presence of the company representatives at the Meeting implies entrance of this company into the Association. Applications are not considered in absence of the company representative. Each entering company is given a possibility to make a short speech to inform the Association members of its activities. The new company officially becomes a full member of the IA "Intercable" only after it has paid an entrance fee that amounts to the annual fee (3000 euro in 2018).

Who can become a member of the IA "INTERCABLE"

Any company, union or organization manufacturing cable products, cable technological machinery or materials for cable production, any scientific and technical organization active in the field of cables and cable machinery, as well as any dealer or a trading company can become a member of the International Association "Intercable" if:

an application in a free form addressed to the President of the IA "Intercable" is made. The application should contain information about the activities of the entering company and its obligation to participate in the work of the Association and to pay membership fees timely;

there is a written recommendation from one of the IA "Intercable" members;

the IA "Intercable" Board does not have any objections to introduce the applicant to the General Meeting for voting;

the participants in the General Meeting vote (with simple majority of votes) for acceptance of the applicant into the IA "Intercable".

Official membership starts from the moment when the entrance fee paid by the accepted company arrives to the account of the IA "Intercable".

Contact person: Mrs. Marina Kochurikhina, Executive Director of the IA "Intercable", tel. +7 (495) 911-83-30.

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